If you are part of 3x3 basketball, you are on the right place!

3x3 FIBA Coach & Consultant (ex professional 3x3 player) - Petar Perunović

is ready to help you.
The advantage of 3x3 basketball is that you can make a team and get to the Masters from scratch (if your team plays good, and wins tournaments).

3x3 Coach

I was a player and coach of a team that came from the bottom to 11th position in the world in one season. Now I am only the coach and provide the following services:

3x3 fiba coach
3x3 fiba Consulting

3x3 Consulting

Starting from the bottom and come to 11th place in the world is not easy. For that success, it is necessary to plan the tournament schedule in the season well. Now with my great experience, I can help with advice in the next area: