Android Application

How many times have you forgotten what the result is? How many times have you argued with your opponent about the result?

3×3 Scoreboard Android Application will give you the feeling of playing in a real 3×3 tournament. It records the result, the fouls, a shot clock of 12 seconds, and a timer that measures 10 minutes like in tournaments. The only thing you need is one person to record the result.

3x3 Scoreboard Instructions
If you want to change Game time, Shot clock, Team score or Team fouls - long press the number which you want to change.

If you notice a bug or have any questions feel free to contact me by email: 3x3scoreboard@petarperunovic.com

How I got the idea to create a 3x3 Scoreboard app?

When you play 3×3 basketball, arguing about the score is always present on the court. In 2020, when Covid started I had free time and I decided to create a 3×3 Scoreboard app. That is my contribution to 3×3 basketball, a sport which I love and which gives me a lot.

I am proud that this app has more than 2500 active users. Since I created an app only for Android, in 2021 (one year later) 3×3 Serbia created an app for iOS. I am very happy to see that the 3×3 community progressing and that someone based on my creation decided to create something else for the community.

I am retired from playing 3×3 basketball and I am a 3×3 coach now. If you want to be in the top 30 teams in the world let me know – 3x3coach@petarperunovic.com (you need to have a good team and budget for this).